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Top 5 strongest characters Kimetsu no Yaiba, Yoriichi is behind Muzan

The expansion of the power scale of the characters in the series has helped the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime pace to be pushed up significantly, the characters are constantly facing new challenges to hone their skills. Therefore, it becomes relatively difficult to classify the strength of each character because the degree of difference between them […]

Top 7 Strongest Demons Ranked | Muzan Only Top 2

Demon Slayer | Top 8 Strongest Demons Ranked | Muzan Only Top 2

Besides the immense strength of the pillars, it is impossible not to mention the Demons, especially the strongest demons behind Muzan. However, according to the author’s suggestion, Muzan is still not the strongest demon, let’s analyze which top 1 demon deserves in the top 8 ranking of the strongest demon slayer. 8. Gyokko He is […]

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