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Top 5 strongest characters Kimetsu no Yaiba, Yoriichi is behind Muzan

The expansion of the power scale of the characters in the series has helped the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime pace to be pushed up significantly, the characters are constantly facing new challenges to hone their skills. Therefore, it becomes relatively difficult to classify the strength of each character because the degree of difference between them changes constantly.

5. Gyomei – The Strongest Pillar I Live

Many consider Gyomei to be the strongest pillar alive. He possesses endurance, martial skills and patience that surpasses that of his teammates, which has been most recognized by the top when the two are pitted. The turret rarely attacks without calculation, considering the outcome at any time.


Gyomei’s fighting style is Kasarigamajutsu, combined with the traditional Kusarigama instead of the Nichirin swords used by other Demon Slayer members. Furthermore, the breath created by Gyomei had enough power to overwhelm demons like Kokushibo.

4. Kokushibo – Power beyond human understanding

Kokushibo is the head of Muzan’s upper class demons, after one person, out of ten thousand people. He survived for hundreds of years, continuously training in technique and tactics, so his strength surpassed human understanding. Even the pillars trembled at his uncontrollable bloodlust.


The two most formidable pillars of the Demon Slayer team, Gyomei and Sanemi, fought with all their might against Kokushibo, but they still had to rely on luck and sacrifice of the pillar and Genya to defeat Kokushibo.

3. Tanjiro – The one who restores the breath of the sun

Tanjiro’s birth heralds a major turning point in the millennial war between demons and humans in Kimetsu no Yaiba, although no one knows it and the boy himself encounters many difficulties in life. First, Tanjiro’s mother and brothers were murdered by Muzan.


Tanjiro harbors guilt and promises to find a way to help Nezuko return to being human. Tanjiro’s first iron attack is often used in a few urgent situations, but the most remarkable power he has is the restoration of the sun breath – the long-lost original breath.

2. Yoriichi Tsugikuni – Legendary Swordsman makes Muzan tremble

Yoriichi Tsugikuni deserves to be called the legendary swordsman, the strongest in the hundred-year history of the Demon Slayer. Unlike other swordsmen, who may or may not have the Demon Slayer Seal after growing up, Yoriichi has had it since birth. He even invented the breath of the sun himself – the breath of origin.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni
Yoriichi Tsugikuni

Later, Yoriichi combined the breath of the sun with his superior sword technique to create attacks that the demons couldn’t dodge. Although just an ordinary person, but Yoriichi is the fear that haunts every cell of Muzan even after he has passed away for hundreds of years.

1. Muzan Kibutsuji – A demon that is intelligent and possesses tremendous power

Although Yoriichi is very strong, he is still a human and has to go through birth – old age – illness – death. Therefore, Yoriichi could not shine with Muzan – an immortal who lived for thousands of years. Muzan mastered a variety of skills and techniques, enough to deal with and take down each pillar.

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